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Gili Air

Gili Air and its two neighbours, Meno and Trawangan, are located in the Lombok Strait with Air the closest to mainland Lombok which administers the 3 islands. Gili Air is named from the Indonesian word «gili» meaning «small island» and «air» meaning «water».

Of the three islands, Gili Air is the only one to have natural underground fresh-water wells.


Gili Air is a happy and well balanced island with adequate services. In close proximity to Gili Meno, the smallest and most secluded of the islands, and to Gili Trawangan, the largest island, known for its many restaurants and parties. Gili Air has the best of it all.

On Gili Air, the biggest concentration of bars and restaurants is on the East side where you can take in views of lush green Lombok and the magnificence of Mt. Rinjani. Venture to the northwest and you will find yourself on empty sands gazing at the majestic Agung volcano of Bali. The island offers excellent snorkelling and scuba diving sites off its east coast, where turtles can be seen along the coral reef.

Our island has a great selection of restaurants including homemade french, italian, mexican and mediterranean food, as well as a number of warung serving all the best local dishes.

A busy little strip has developed along the beach in the southeast, although the lane is still more sandy than paved. The circumference of the island is accessible by foot in around one hour.

Motorized traffic is prohibited, so the preferred method of transport is by foot and bicycle or the horse-drawn carriage called a « cidomo ».

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Island Culture


Bahasa Indonesia is the national language spoken that unites all of the country's islands but most of Gili Locals speak Sasak, which is a bit different from the one spoken in Lombok English is widely understood and spoken.


Gili Air is the most populous island with 1500 local residents who, like the Lombok community, are primarily Muslim. The mosque emits sounds of live prayer five times daily throughout the island.


Dress is casual on the islands, but remember that the residents are Muslim. It can be inappropriate to walk around in a state of undress. Nude or topless sunbathing can be perceived as a lack of respect. Use your right hand when you take, give, eat or touch something. Do not point at something with your foot. When you are a guest, wait until you are invited to sit down. If you see shoes at the entrance of a place, remove yours. Solve problems with a smile: irritation is not really understood by Indonesians.

Good Food Guide


At Pachamama, it’s all about fresh, delicious & nourishing food. Their menu has been designed to cater for vegans, vegetarians as well as paleo / omnivores who enjoy fresh, clean food prepared with love.


Founded in June 2014, Mowies bar is a testament to what can be achieved through healthy fusion cuisine. From delicious home-made tuna burgers, through to extremely tasty egg benedict to raw vegan cakes and salads.

KIOSKO Spanish Tapas and Churros

Exciting gem in Gili Air! KIOSKO Café is a must go Spanish food restaurant in the island. It's not to be missed!

Paellas and Spanish Tapas, Sangría, Tortillas, Churros.... And much more!

Delectable foods that will transport you to Spain. In main road from the harbor is ideal for your dine in or delivery unique gastronomic experience! You will repeat!

Barefoot Blondie

These guys share their love for coffee, sandwiches and the laid-back island life like no one else ! They definitively have the place to rest or work remotely while savoring delicious cocktails, brownies, poffertjes, pancakes, waffles (…) A yummy in sight !


Dolcemare is one of the best restaurants on Gili air. The menu is relatively small but the dishes are all cooked to perfection. We guarantee you will be amazed by the freshness of the food and the excellence of the service. All the Italian savoir-faire really well expressed by Alessandra and Moreno.

Mama Pizza

Mama Pizza is known for its famous sourdough pizzas baked in brick oven and its delicious fresh pastas. Located on the west side of Gili Air, you can enjoy the best passionfruit mojitos on the beach while watching sunset. A dinner by candlelight is an absolute must-do !