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Villa Saia

Three villas to rent with private swimming pools in Gili Air, Lombok

Gili Air is a “cocoon” destination and choosing Villa Saia is a sure fire way shot to enjoy a self-contained private haven, where you will feel pampered in your own world. Offering a simply precious tropical vacation experience, Villa Saia spoils its guests with excellent customer service in a casual charming setting. All this set against the backdrop of the most homely and friendly of the three Gili islands.

Whether you’re honeymooning, scuba diving or just looking for a place to unwind and relax, Villa Saia is the ideal place to welcome and spoil you on your holiday!

Air-conditioned Bedroom

Open Air Bathroom

Tropical Garden

Private Swimming Pool


Sun Deck



This retreat has been designed to comfortably accommodate up to 3 adult guests in a private atmosphere like you are in your own cocoon.




We plan it. You enjoy it. No extra costs applied.

tropical garden villa



We are partners from very different backgrounds and we decided to build the accommodation to reflect our values.




cristal waters around gili air

What about a snorkelling experience with us ?

You can see straight down into the turquoise waters as you arrive at Gili Air, it’s that clear. You’ll end up feeling the warm water around your ankles when you get off of the boat.

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